Greendell Landscape Solutions is a leading supplier of landscape and horticulture products since 1969! We are committed to providing the best possible service and products for homeowners, landscapers, and businesses.

Our friendly and helpful customer care, quality products, and service-oriented delivery have made us consistently the number one choice among homeowners, garden centers, greenhouses and landscapers. Our goal is to earn your business through great service and quality products and continuing to earn it throughout the entire process of your interaction with Greendell!

We put our customers first!

Our customers’ satisfaction is our first priority. We strive to understand our customers and their requests by asking questions and listening to details in order to make the project outcome a success for everyone. In doing so, we honor our commitment to provide superior customer service and expertise to all customers.

We offer the highest quality products!

We manufacture a complete line of quality mulches ourselves, including Sof-Step for playground surfaces, professional growing mixes, structural soils and soil amendments. We guarantee the quality of the products. For those products we don't manufacture here, we offer only the highest quality brands.

We have a great staff!

Whether you are a professional landscaper working on a $50,000 job or a local homeowner who simply wants to improve the look of your yard... we have knowledgeable, experienced staff that can work with you and offer the products, tools and advice you need to take your project from idea to completion!

Our Story

Greendell’s roots trace back to 1969 in a small strawberry patch and a need for mulch to protect and maintain produce. Since then, Greendell Mulch has grown into southern Indiana’s foremost supplier of mulch and landscape products.  Known for their quality products and customer service, Greendell continues to lead the local industry in product integrity, customer service and innovative strategies for successful implementation of their product specific to the individual needs of each customer.

Now, owner Frank Gieseking, has added an ever growing garden center to serve customers in our rural community, complete with industry education and family oriented activities throughout the year.  Tours are welcome! Schedule your group to learn from Indiana’s Original Mulch Manufacturer how mulch is made!

In 2015, Greendell Mulch & Mix became Greendell Landscape Solutions in an effort to bring our name up to speed with our ever-growing range of products & services. At Greendell, we aim to provide landscape solutions from the ground up!

Faces of Greendell