Garden Center

Greendell’s Garden Center has only grown better with age. Thanks to our wonderful retail buyer, we have an inventory that will fill all of your landscaping wants and needs.  We find it valuable to adorn our Garden Center with items ranging from something as simple as twine, for tying up those tomato plants, to an Adirondack set for lounging on after busy days we seem to have all too often.

We really like our mulch here at Greendell, and we hope you do too. That’s why we also supply products for those of you who enjoy getting your hands dirty. Pitch forks, shovels, rakes, and many more Wolverine tools have a special place in Shaun’s Tool World. You can find insecticides and Killzall (just to name a few) in our Plant Pharmacy. Soil Moist, Miracle Grow Plant Food, and Osmocote are also just a few of the many products we carry in our Fertilizer and Soil Amendment section. We know you might have a few questions regarding what they do and where they go.  Thankfully we have an educated staff who can lead you in the right direction.

What’s a garden if it’s not filled with a little magic and whimsical décor? We know that gardening is some serious stuff for most of our customers but that doesn’t mean our gardens have to look serious. Greendell has officially hopped on the Fairy Garden train. We love seeing what great little worlds our customers come up with. Fun colored containers, windmills, gazing balls and signs (lit and non-lit, both are pretty cool!) can be found in our Garden Center and around our greenhouses.

Greendell offers just about everything you might need for landscaping and we pride ourselves on it, but you might have something in mind that we don’t happen to carry (which shouldn’t happen often). We are always open to suggestion and even have a “plant request” sheet for you to let us know what you want, at least from the ground up.

Taking Requests for Spring 2020!

We would sure appreciate your input. Take our simple survey HERE to let us know the plants and products you wish to see in our Garden Center next spring. Survey closes October 1, 2019. Thank you in advance!!!