Cypress Mulch

Sold in 2 cf. bags or 3 cf. bags • Available for pick up
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 2 cf. bag pricing

  • $3.80 per 2 cf. bag
  • $18.00 for 5 bags (savings of $1.00)


 3 cf. bag pricing

  • $4.70 per 3 cf. bag
  • $13.35 for 3 bags (savings of $0.75)
  • While Supplies Last

Cypress Mulch is made from Cypress trees shipped from the American Deep South. The entire tree is used to grind this extraordinary mulch prized for its blend of blonde to gold 3″ and less shredded particles. Transportation costs necessitate its slightly higher price, but many people continue to choose Cypress Mulch year after year because they prefer its casual elegance and believe it to be insect deterring.