Important Delivery Information!

As a service to our customers, we offer truck delivery for orders of mulch, soil, and stone. The min/max quantities per delivery are as follows:

Mulch: 1 to 20 cubic yds
Soil: 1 to 5 cubic yds
Stone: 1 to 5 cubic yds for most. Larger quantities of our lighter-weight stones are available; see individual products for details.

And if you require smaller quantities, you can always purchase those at our Mooresville Location, or buy by the bag at your nearest garden center carrying Greendell products.

Once a qualifying bulk order is in your online cart, you have the option of purchasing helpful add-on products to be brought with your order. These products cannot be ordered online by themselves, but a trip to our garden center will get you with stocked with everything you need (and more!) to get the job done!

At checkout, you will be able to select a delivery date. The delivery fee is based on zip code proximity. If no shipping options display for your location, please give us a call at 317-996-2826.


Yes! Please use the Delivery Instructions field on the checkout page to tell us where on your driveway you want your products unloaded. Examples: by basketball goal, close to mailbox, adjacent to sidewalk, where the bucket is (if you have helpfully set out a bucket).

The base of the unloaded pile will be approximately 12′ wide, generally more than half the width of a driveway.

For driving, we need clearance of about 10′ wide and 9′ height tall. To raise the dump bed, we need 13′ height clearance. Take note of utility wires, trees, and other obstacles before deciding where you want your mulch unloaded. We don’t want to create ruts in your lawn or do any damage to your property, so you will be asked to sign a waiver of responsibility if you ask us to drive across your lawn to unload.

We can’t guarantee a specific delivery time, so if you are taking the day off to spend in the yard, we recommend having your products delivered the day before.

Changes can be made to your order by calling us at (317) 996-2826. Be aware that processing and/or cancellation fees will apply.

Nope! As long as you have provided us with clear dumping instructions, we can deliver your order when no one’s home.

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