At Greendell, we take pride in the plants we sell.

We buy from reputable sources and the staff here is knowledgeable about what we stock.  We have a horticulturalist on staff, as well as many master gardeners to help you choose the right plant for the right spot. We are also here to help in case of weeds, disease or insect invasion. Greendell carries a full selection of weed, pest and disease control for plants.

We take pride in selecting varieties of trees, shrubs and perennials that are well-suited to our zone 6-A gardens. You will find a much broader selection here than at any local big-box store. We personally select each plant by taking into account past sales history, listening to our customers’ requests, as well as selecting new varieties of tried-and-true favorites as they become available. We listen very carefully to our customers’ experiences with certain plants, and sometimes make choices not to carry plants that do not survive well in our climate.

Come on in, or order ahead for curbside!

1] Give us a call to place your order or through the order form on this page. Let us know when you’ll be by to pick it up!

2] Our team will pick the best of the best from our selection and compile your order!

3] When you arrive, let us know! Depending on timing, your order may be staged in a certain curbside space, or we will bring it right to your vehicle. Credit card payments over the phone are preferred! 

Don't forget- bagged growing mixes, soils, and mulches are also available!