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Fundraising Opportunities

Greendell Give Back Program

We’re offering 10% back on retail sales made on your organizations behalf.  If you send a customer our way, no matter what they buy... mulch, pavers, stone, tools, plants, flowers, fall festival tickets, a pumpkin... your organization gets 10% of the retail sales price. For complete details on the Give Back Program, please email sboram@greendelllandscape.com to request a sales packet.

Mulch sales... wait, what?  Mulch sales?  Yes, mulch sales!

Cookies, candy bars and popcorn are great... and so are the organizations and people that benefit from selling them!  However, we feel Greendell offers your organization a chance to make more money with an easier sales approach.

Think about all the mulch you see around homes and businesses.  It has to come from somewhere, right?  Why not from you, via Greendell!

Your neighbors might buy 2 boxes of cookies to be nice, but they probably need 10, 15, 20+ bags of mulch.  You're offering something they were likely to buy anyway and raising money for your organization!  Imagine if someone in your organization got their company to buy mulch through you for their business landscaping!

With prices ranging from $2.65 to $3.30 per bag and no regulation on how much you sell it for above that price point... your organization has the chance to pull in quite the profit! If you sell 18-22 pallets worth of mulch, we'll even bring all the mulch to your location for distribution, for free!  That's right we won't charge a delivery fee on full semi loads (18-22 pallets) if you are within 45 miles of our headquarters!

Give us a call at (317) 996-2826 or send an email over to sboram@greendelllandscape.com to sign up for our bagged mulch fundraiser and Give Back Program so we can lend a helping hand in the growth of a community, all from the ground up.