It's our mission to lend a helping hand in your growth!

For years, we have helped local organizations grow through fundraising with our quality bagged mulch products! We think you’ll find it very easy to sell — your friends and neighbors order it each year, so why not from your church, club, team, or troop?

Step 1

Get started on your campaign! Set your goals and your own profit margins on our products. Fill out the forms below to get started or correspond with one of our fundraising representatives to learn more!

Step 2

Fundraise by selling products online through your very own organization link or with brochures, or with both!

Step 3

Two weeks before your distribution date, we will work with you to close your fundraiser and schedule the delivery of products for your customers to pick up!

Learn more!

Give Back Program

If a bagged mulch fundraiser just doesn’t fit your organization, check out our Give Back Program where you can earn 10% of any sale made on your organization’s behalf at Greendell, with very minimal effort! Your organization may already take advantage of a similar program at a local restaurant for one evening, but our Give Back Program lasts an entire YEAR with a product line that brings our customers back several times throughout each season for mulch, soil, stone, plants, events, tools, the list goes on!

To learn more, complete the corresponding form above and a fundraising representative will reach out to you as soon as possible! There is no time to waste when your organization could start fundraising TODAY!