Hardscape Products

Greendell partners with multiple hardscape manufacturers including BelgardUnilock, Oberfields.  Whether you’re a landscaper, contractor or homeowner, we carry the product needed to turn your blueprints into a reality.

Thanks to the superior standards of the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute (ICPI) our manufacturers create quality product that will exceed your expectations. We understand that time, as well as funds are things not easily thrown about and our manufacturers are so confident in the product they supply that each offers its own warranty.

Not only are you given quite the variety to choose from but Greendell also provides the opportunity to see the product in person before an investment is made. Over time Greendell has created several display areas available to view almost every product carried by our manufacturers.

Greendell continues to carry a staff educated on the ins and outs of hardscapes that can assist you with any questions or concerns you might have.


Check out our mulch line and order online!

We have a complete line of quality mulches for any landscape project available for pick-up or delivery. We manufacture our own product to guarantee the quality of our mulch line.

When hardwood mulches are applied correctly, they prevent erosion, protect plants from extreme temperatures, improve your soil structure, conserve soil moisture, suppress weeds, and add beauty to your plantings in a remarkable array of colors!

Not sure which mulch is right for you? Stop in for a mulch tour or call our office and we will walk you through the options and schedule a quick delivery right to your driveway. Even more convenient, products can be viewed and ordered online through our Bulk Delivery page!


Soil & Mixes

For the last 50 years, Greendell has earned quite the reputation when it comes to soil and growing mixes! In addition to Indiana Topsoil Products, we have a complete line of growing mixes- bagged and available for purchase and delivery with your mulch. Be sure to check them out!

Our pulverized soil line is screened and stored under cover to ensure a quality product right when you need it, regardless of the weather Indiana may throw our way! Soil products can be utilized in a variety of landscape projects, from seeding and planting to finish grading.

View our soil line and place your order on our Bulk Delivery page!

We supply large soil jobs! If you are interested in a custom mix, CU Structural Soil, or a large quantity of any of our soil products, please visit our wholesale page.



Not into the mulch thing? Decorative Stone may be the solution to bring your landscape to life. Aggregates can serve a number of purposes in your landscape from replacing mulch in and around walkways, ponds, and other water features to providing a strong structural base for your patio and outdoor living space.

If you do plan to do the stone thing, be sure that you remove all the mulch and place one of our weed barrier fabrics in your landscape beds before installing your stone! View our aggregate line and order for delivery right to your driveway on our Bulk Delivery page!


Trees, Shrubs & Flowers

At Greendell, we take pride in the plants we sell. We buy from reputable sources and the staff here is knowledgeable about what we stock.  We have a horticulturalist on staff, as well as many master gardeners to help you choose the right plant for the right spot. We are also here to help in case of weeds, disease or insect invasion. Greendell carries a full selection of weed, pest and disease control for plants.

We take pride in selecting varieties of trees, shrubs and perennials that are well-suited to our zone 6-A gardens. You will find a much broader selection here than at any local big-box store. We personally select each plant by taking into account past sales history, listening to our customers’ requests, as well as selecting new varieties of tried-and-true favorites as they become available. We listen very carefully to our customers’ experiences with certain plants, and sometimes make choices not to carry plants that do not survive well in our climate.

Another perk that comes with shopping at Greendell: we can special-order plants!  If you see something in a book or magazine and would like to plant it in your garden, give us a call in the fall — if we can get it for you, we will. Our plants for the following season are ordered in the fall, and this is the time we can add your special plant.

At Greendell you get it all: healthy plants, great selection, skilled and knowledgeable staff and varieties you want that will succeed in your garden!

Garden Center

Greendell’s Garden Center has only grown better with age. Thanks to our wonderful retail buyer, our inventory will fill all of your landscaping wants and needs. We adorn our Garden Center with items ranging from something as simple as twine for tying up those tomato plants, to an Adirondack set for lounging after busy days we seem to have all too often.

We really like our mulch here at Greendell, and we hope you do too. That’s why we also supply products for those of you who enjoy getting your hands dirty. Pitch forks, shovels, rakes, and many more Wolverine tools have a special place in Shaun’s Tool World. You can find insecticides and Killzall (just to name a few) in our Plant Pharmacy. Soil Moist, Miracle Grow Plant Food, and Osmocote are also just a few of the many products we carry in our Fertilizer and Soil Amendment section. We know you might have a few questions regarding what they do and where they go. Thankfully, we have an educated staff who can lead you in the right direction.

What’s a garden, if it’s not filled with a little magic and whimsical décor? We know that gardening is serious stuff for most of our customers, but that doesn’t mean our gardens have to look serious. Greendell has officially hopped on the Fairy Garden train. We love seeing what great little worlds our customers come up with. Fun colored containers, windmills, gazing balls and signs (lit and non-lit, both are pretty cool!) can be found in our Garden Center and around our greenhouses.


Visit our showroom for the latest landscape accessories. Whether it’s the newest tool in hardscaping from Pave Tool Innovators, or you need a shovel to bring your mulch job from start to finish, we partner with Wolverine Tools, Bon Tool, and Pave Tool Innovators to bring you solid solutions to the labor pains of your projects.

Natural Stone

Natural stone has so many practical uses. You can design an eye-catching walkway or patio, conceal a bare spot, or create a cozy winter fire pit. Stop in to shop our amazing selection including flagstone, wall pieces, limestone caps, steps, edging pieces, cobbles, boulders, and more!