Pre-Orders for Holiday Wreaths are due September 26, 2022!

We are expecting to receive these in November, with plenty of time to enjoy them throughout the holiday season! When your order arrives in-store, you will be notified via phone call and/or text message. Orders are for pick-up only.

Beautiful embellishments such as holly, berries, dogwood, willow, boxwood branches, magnolia branches, candles, and pine cones will be available for purchase at pick up!

Cascadia Wreath with Cones

20″ for $36.38

24″ for $41.73

Deluxe Wreath with Cones

20″ for $36.38

24″ for $44.94

Noble Fir Wreath

20″ for $29.96

24″ for $35.31

Deluxe Door Charm

24″ for $22.47

Mixed Bunch

18″ for $12.84

$ 0.00