Three Ways to Level Up Your Landscape With Greendell’s Natural Stone Products

Looking to use natural stone to elevate your summer landscape, but not sure what the best option is? Greendell offers a wide array of natural stone products—edgers, steppers, flagstone, and gravel—so it’s easy to find the best choice for any landscape!

Natural Stone Edgers

Adding a natural stone edging around a flower bed or garden area is a powerful way to beautify outdoor spaces. Landscaping edgers create clear definition between the yard and the plant bed, creating a unique aesthetic while keeping mulch, soil, plants, and even decorative stones in place. But edgers also serve another purpose by creating a root barrier that prevents sneaky roots from creeping out.

If you’re looking for a creative way to contain your landscape and add some style to the space, as well, natural stone edgers are the perfect choice!

Natural Flagstone Steppers

Natural stone steppers are a simple, yet incredibly effective way to conveniently and safely navigate between functional spaces around any property. Natural stone steps are a great choice to enhance the visual impact of your summer landscape while maintaining durability and longevity.

Flagstone steppers are a great option if you are looking to level up your exterior walkway. Flagstone is low maintenance and sustainable, allowing you to enjoy your path or patio without worrying about any upkeep. In addition, flagstone’s natural curves and ridges promote traction, are non-slip, and reduce water pooling.

Natural Stone Gravel Paths

For an affordable, easy, and comfortable addition to your outdoor landscape, look no further than a natural stone gravel path. Gravel paths are known for being simple to install, and provide great drainage in areas that can be prone to puddling after rain.

Natural stone gravel paths are a great option for anyone looking to create a durable, elegant pathway to, from, or around their summer landscape!

We offer all of these products in various brown and grey tones at our facility at Greendell Landscape Solutions. Stop by today to make your selection! Remember to check in at the red barn, and be sure to bring proper footwear—this means leaving the open-toed shoes and high heels at home! Feel free to contact us if you’d like to learn more!