Transform Your Outdoor Space with Greendell's Local Garden Center

Kick summer gardening up a notch and elevate any landscape by visiting Greendell’s local Garden Center. From a team of local horticulturists and garden experts to a robust selection of landscape materials and décor, Greendell’s Garden Center is guaranteed to take your outdoor space to the next level.

Blooming Brainiacs

Greendell’s on-site garden center staff provides customers with all the knowledge they need to create that beautiful summer garden!

Need to consult with someone on which plants to purchase and where to place them? Ask a Greendell horticulturist for expert insight into what to choose and where it should be place within the landscape.

Any other questions on summer landscaping best practices? Greendell’s team of master gardeners can help any landscaper determine how to choose the perfect plant for the perfect spot!

Perennial Paradise: Central Indiana’s Unrivaled Selection

Greendell’s Garden Center is proud to boast Central Indiana’s largest selection of perennials—but that’s not all!

In addition to an expansive selection of perennials, the local garden center also offers a variety of:

  • Seasonal annuals
  • Ready-to-plant trees
  • Landscaping shrubs
  • Summer home and garden décor

To personalize the customer experience, Greendell selects each plant variety for each individual based on a number of factors, including what they’ve purchased in the past, special customer requests, as well as offering up tried-and-true favorites, depending on seasonal availability.

Reliable and Trustworthy Selection

Hand-crafted in-house at the Greendell Garden Center, Greendell offers a wide range of mulches and growing mixes that are highly rated by industry professionals. Find these products in bags and bulk or take advantage of Greendell’s quick and hassle-free online delivery service.

Elevate any summer gardening experience with a visit to Greendell’s Garden Center, where we cultivate a belief in local roots, fresh mulch, and happy plants. Discover Central Indiana’s largest selection of perennials and find reliable and trusted products like hand-crafted mulches and growing mixes that will allow any plants to thrive through the summer season and beyond.