7 Simple Ways You Can Improve Curb Appeal

Keeping your lawn well-maintained is a great way to boost the visual appeal of your yard. Following a few tips can improve the appearance of your lawn while also keeping it healthy. Taking the extra time to care for your property is always well worth the effort, and it will keep your yard looking great at all times of the year.

Here are a few things to consider to help you boost the visual appeal of your lawn.

Remove Weeds and Debris

One of the first steps in taking care of your lawn is to always remove weeds and other debris. It’s important to pull weeds out by the entire root to avoid them coming back or spreading to other areas. You can also use various weed killers to save you time and effort. Raking up dead leaves and removing debris is also an easy way to give your lawn a much neater appearance.

Add Mulch

Adding fresh mulch is a fast and relatively inexpensive way to tidy up the yard and add an attractive detail to the overall appearance of the outside of your home. This will give your plants and flowers a pop while also protecting the soil from the sun and keeping much needed moisture from evaporating. Choose a colorful mulch to accent your landscaping if you are looking for a pop of color.

Aerate Your Yard

Another way to keep your lawn lush and healthy is to aerate your yard every two to three years. Aeration involves poking holes into the ground to allow air, water, and nutrients to go much deeper into the soil and improve root development. Over time, this will cause your lawn to become much thicker and healthier. You can also aerate your lawn on a yearly basis in high-traffic areas or if you have heavy clay soil.

Trees and Hedges

If your garden includes natural features such as trees or hedges, have these trimmed back by a professional or a skilled amateur. This not only makes it neater, but if nature seems to be taking over your yard, a buyer could suspect that deeper problems may be hidden within.

Paths and Driveways

Next, make sure your paths and driveways are clean, free from weeds, and not suffering from any obvious damage. No buyer wants to consider replacing these hard features within a few short months or years of moving in, so make sure they look their best. Using a pressure hose to remove moss and mold can work wonders.

Dress Up Your Mailbox

If you are a rural resident, you probably have a mailbox at the end of your driveway. If you drive down any road in the country, you will probably see row upon row of mailboxes–all with a similar size and shape.

Those mailboxes might be functional, but they are certainly not attractive. If you want your own mailbox to stand out, a bit of landscaping is in order. You can start by adding a bracket for a hanging basket to the side of your mailbox, then filling it with an ever-changing variety of fresh flowers and colorful plants.

You can also landscape the area around your mailbox, surrounding it with colorful stones, interesting rocks and other accents. This type of landscaping will also help to protect your mailbox from erosion and other damage. When the spring rains come, the rocks and stones will help keep the soil where it belongs and possibly prevent your mailbox from being washed away.

Your Home Itself

The final points to check are all found on the exterior of your property’s structure. Is the paintwork clean and fresh-looking, or would it benefit from a new coat? Is the color nicely neutral, or quirky and unusual? Although a little character is a good selling point, anything too outlandish will significantly reduce the breadth of your home’s appeal. Are the windows clean, and do all the external doors look in good, secure condition?