The Benefits of Mulching in the Indianapolis Climate

Maximize Your Garden's Potential: The Benefits of Mulching in the Indianapolis Climate

Mulching in the Indianapolis climate is more than just a gardening practice—it's a strategic move to maintain and enhance your landscape's health and appearance. One of the most effective tools you can keep in your gardening arsenal is mulch, to protect your plants, the soil, and your entire landscape, year-round. Greendell mulch can help transform your gardening experience in the Indianapolis climate, no matter which season.  

Soil Moisture Retention in Summer 

During the hot summers in Indianapolis, soil moisture retention becomes paramount. Mulch acts as a protective layer, shielding the soil from the sun's intense rays and reducing water evaporation. Mulching in hot summers not only helps in maintaining soil hydration but also means less watering is required, saving time and conserving water resources.  

Winter Root Insulation 

The benefits of mulching in Indianapolis extend into the frigid months as well. During the coldest months, winter mulching in Indianapolis can provide plant root insulation, which protects them from freeze-thaw cycles that can damage or even kill your plants. This layer of protection keeps the soil temperature more stable, which is crucial for the survival and resilience of your plants when spring returns.  

Mulch for Any Season 

The practice of mulching offers continuous advantages. Beyond moisture retention and root insulation, mulch also suppresses weeds, adds nutrients to the soil as it decomposes, and enhances the visual appeal of your garden beds. It's an all-season ally for any Indianapolis gardener. 


For more information or a personal consultation, contact us and we’ll be happy to help! 

Happy Mulching! 

How Greendell Herbicide Products Can Help Control Landscape Weeds This Summer

How Greendell Herbicide Products Can Help Control Landscape Weeds This Summer

Stubborn weeds can pop up any time of year, and next year, they seem to come right back. It’s important to take preventative action so those pesky weeds stay gone for good. At Greendell, we have all the products you need to not only get rid of your lawn weeds, but to keep them from coming back!

How to Identify Lawn Weeds

Some of the most common weeds found in summer landscape beds include crabgrass, dandelions, moss, and white clover. However, there are several that aren’t as easy to identify. While some may not be a serious threat to your landscape bed, others tend to become extremely invasive—preventing it from growing and thriving as it normally would.

The best way to identify a weed is simply by knowing the ins and outs of your outdoor space, and removing anything that is growing out of place. Identifying the specific type of weed can be tricky, but Greendell can help get rid of and prevent weeds from returning so that you won’t have to worry about the painstaking process of finding and pulling them over and over.

How to Get Rid of Landscape Weeds

Getting rid of weeds can be an extensive project, often taking up hours of your time with the strenuous labor required to pull each individual one, only for them to grow back a few weeks later. Luckily, Greendell offers Preen Weed Preventer, a powerful product that stops weeds from germinating in flower and vegetable gardens, in ground covers, and around trees and shrubs, without destroying your landscaping.

Treating and Controlling Weeds is Key to Healthy Summer Landscapes

Proper treatment and control of weeds in your outdoor space is perhaps the most crucial factor in maintaining a healthy summer landscape. Greendell offers a variety of products that can help keep your lawn healthy and weed-free!

Preen Weed Preventer doesn’t target existing weeds, but it will prevent new weeds from sprouting—eliminating any need for difficult and time-consuming hand-weeding. Incorporating Preen Weed Preventer into your landscape will allow your beautiful plants to grow larger and stronger.

In addition to weed preventers, Greendell offers a variety of hardwood bark mulch products, which can also be an effective tool in preventing harmful weeds from growing back year after year. Hardwood mulch deprives weed seeds from the sunlight and nutrients they need to germinate and thrive.

When those weeds start creeping in, trust the products at Greendell to keep your landscape protected for seasons to come!

Three Ways to Level Up Your Landscape With Greendell’s Natural Stone Products

Three Ways to Level Up Your Landscape With Greendell’s Natural Stone Products

Looking to use natural stone to elevate your summer landscape, but not sure what the best option is? Greendell offers a wide array of natural stone products—edgers, steppers, flagstone, and gravel—so it’s easy to find the best choice for any landscape!

Natural Stone Edgers

Adding a natural stone edging around a flower bed or garden area is a powerful way to beautify outdoor spaces. Landscaping edgers create clear definition between the yard and the plant bed, creating a unique aesthetic while keeping mulch, soil, plants, and even decorative stones in place. But edgers also serve another purpose by creating a root barrier that prevents sneaky roots from creeping out.

If you’re looking for a creative way to contain your landscape and add some style to the space, as well, natural stone edgers are the perfect choice!

Natural Flagstone Steppers

Natural stone steppers are a simple, yet incredibly effective way to conveniently and safely navigate between functional spaces around any property. Natural stone steps are a great choice to enhance the visual impact of your summer landscape while maintaining durability and longevity.

Flagstone steppers are a great option if you are looking to level up your exterior walkway. Flagstone is low maintenance and sustainable, allowing you to enjoy your path or patio without worrying about any upkeep. In addition, flagstone’s natural curves and ridges promote traction, are non-slip, and reduce water pooling.

Natural Stone Gravel Paths

For an affordable, easy, and comfortable addition to your outdoor landscape, look no further than a natural stone gravel path. Gravel paths are known for being simple to install, and provide great drainage in areas that can be prone to puddling after rain.

Natural stone gravel paths are a great option for anyone looking to create a durable, elegant pathway to, from, or around their summer landscape!

We offer all of these products in various brown and grey tones at our facility at Greendell Landscape Solutions. Stop by today to make your selection! Remember to check in at the red barn, and be sure to bring proper footwear—this means leaving the open-toed shoes and high heels at home! Feel free to contact us if you’d like to learn more!

Transform Your Outdoor Space with Greendell's Local Garden Center

Transform Your Outdoor Space with Greendell's Local Garden Center

Kick summer gardening up a notch and elevate any landscape by visiting Greendell’s local Garden Center. From a team of local horticulturists and garden experts to a robust selection of landscape materials and décor, Greendell’s Garden Center is guaranteed to take your outdoor space to the next level.

Blooming Brainiacs

Greendell’s on-site garden center staff provides customers with all the knowledge they need to create that beautiful summer garden!

Need to consult with someone on which plants to purchase and where to place them? Ask a Greendell horticulturist for expert insight into what to choose and where it should be place within the landscape.

Any other questions on summer landscaping best practices? Greendell’s team of master gardeners can help any landscaper determine how to choose the perfect plant for the perfect spot!

Perennial Paradise: Central Indiana’s Unrivaled Selection

Greendell’s Garden Center is proud to boast Central Indiana’s largest selection of perennials—but that’s not all!

In addition to an expansive selection of perennials, the local garden center also offers a variety of:

  • Seasonal annuals
  • Ready-to-plant trees
  • Landscaping shrubs
  • Summer home and garden décor

To personalize the customer experience, Greendell selects each plant variety for each individual based on a number of factors, including what they’ve purchased in the past, special customer requests, as well as offering up tried-and-true favorites, depending on seasonal availability.

Reliable and Trustworthy Selection

Hand-crafted in-house at the Greendell Garden Center, Greendell offers a wide range of mulches and growing mixes that are highly rated by industry professionals. Find these products in bags and bulk or take advantage of Greendell’s quick and hassle-free online delivery service.

Elevate any summer gardening experience with a visit to Greendell’s Garden Center, where we cultivate a belief in local roots, fresh mulch, and happy plants. Discover Central Indiana’s largest selection of perennials and find reliable and trusted products like hand-crafted mulches and growing mixes that will allow any plants to thrive through the summer season and beyond.

Three Ways to Make the Most of Mulch Season with Greendell

Three Ways to Make the Most of Mulch Season with Greendell

With peak mulch season upon us, making the right preparations is key to a thriving landscape! Below, we break down three easy ways to make the most of this mulch season for a cheap, hassle-free, and fun experience!


1. Order Greendell Bulk Mulch Online

Greendell brings the mulch right to you. No more inconvenient, time-wasting back-and-forth to the store for mulch pickup. With Greendell, simply make any bulk mulch selection online, and we’ll do the rest!

Plus, customers who order online get a 15% delivery fee discount. By saving customers time and money with a seamless online ordering process, Greendell ensures that busy schedules and full days don’t get in the way of installing top-quality mulch in the garden this season.


2.  Consult Greendell’s Bulk Mulch Calculator

After making your mulch selection, utilize our Bulk Mulch Calculator tool, which allows customers to specify the exact amount of mulch they need to finish the project without buying too much or ending up short.

No more back and forth to the store for mulch pickup – with this invaluable tool, Greendell is a one-stop shop for every garden and landscape need this season.

Additionally, when choosing to order mulch in bulk, customers not only benefit from the convenience of a larger quantity, but also gain access to a diverse range of specialized mulching tools – not available for order on their own – that can completely transform the entire mulching experience.


3. Sit Back and Unwind – Greendell Mulch Delivery Handles the Grind

At checkout, simply select the day and time you wish for your mulch to be delivered, and one of our expert mulch delivery service members will bring it straight to you.

Want your mulch closer to the mailbox? Next to the basketball hoop? Right next to the sidewalk? Greendell’s mulch delivery service has got it covered – add in any specific instructions at checkout and our team will make it happen!

Make the most of mulch season with Greendell. Order online for convenient delivery, use our Bulk Mulch Calculator for accurate quantities, and sit back as our experts handle the delivery.

Trust Greendell to enhance and simplify your mulching experience. Order now and elevate your landscape today!

Save 15% on Mulch Delivery by Ordering Online with Greendell

Save 15% on Mulch Delivery by Ordering Online with Greendell

There’s no longer a need for lugging heavy bags of mulch from the store to the car and then to the yard. This spring, consider ordering the next batch of mulch from Greendell Landscape Solutions, and score some great mulch deals—a fantastic way to save money and enjoy hassle-free mulching this season.

Order Mulch Online and Save

When ordering Greendell mulch online, customers save 15% on their delivery fee! That’s right—that means a savings of 15% on delivery just by placing an online mulch order. This is a great opportunity to save money while still getting the top-quality mulch needed to start the next landscaping project.

Ordering Mulch Online is Easy

Thanks to Greendell’s online ordering process, spring mulching season has never been easier to manage! No more trips to the store or struggling to get those heavy loads into the car. Simply choose the desired mulch variant, the specific delivery window, then sit back and relax while the Greendell delivery team takes care of the rest—bringing the mulch directly to the driveway.

Greendell even includes a Bulk Mulch Calculator in the checkout process, so there’s no mystery about how much mulch is necessary for any specific project.

Choose From Several Options When Ordering Mulch Online

Not only do customers receive 15% off the delivery fee for ordering Greendell mulch online, but they also gain access to all of our highest quality mulch variations:

So why wait? Order mulch online today and save 15% on delivery fees! With the convenience of online ordering and the savings of discounted delivery fees, there’s never been a better time to buy Greendell mulch online and take advantage of our hot mulch deals!

Mulch Delivery Made Easy With Greendell

Mulch Delivery Made Easy With Greendell

With peak mulch season fast approaching, landscapers are doing all they can to get their hands on the best mulch available. To help you start the season off right and eliminate the inconvenience of commuting to your local landscape store to pick up your mulch, we offer industry-leading mulch delivery right to the project site—even if it’s your driveway.

Greendell Mulch Delivery is Reliable

Want mulch unloaded by the basketball hoop, close to the mailbox, or strategically placed near a planter? No problem! With Greendell’s mulch delivery service, customers have the unique opportunity to provide specific delivery instructions at the time of checkout, to select the precise location to have the products unloaded.

In addition to providing specific locations to dump the mulch near the project site, customers can also select an exact date to have the mulch delivered. Even if the customer is unavailable at the selected drop-off time, that’s no problem. Greendell will complete the mulch delivery with or without the customer on site—and understands that the “Do-It-Yourself” mentality inherent in our customers translates into a busy and full life.

Don’t Take Our Word for it—Listen to Our Customer Feedback

For Greendell, it’s about more than just mulch—it’s about building trust and long-lasting relationships with customers and providing products and services that help them embrace the outdoors. To follow through on this goal, receiving positive customer feedback is essential, and sharing those insights helps show how Greendell is truly making an impact.

  1. By Norma B., Mooresville mulch delivery:

“Greendell is our go-to for all yard and garden products. Delivery services are easy and delivered on time. Friendly services and their staff is informative about their plants and mulch.”

  1. By Stu B., Monrovia mulch delivery:

“Your driver is on time and well qualified for his job. Your product is remarkable; perfect for our landscape.”

  1. By Holly T., Avon mulch delivery:

“All around fast and friendly service from online orders to staff to delivery personnel!”

Greendell delivers the finishing touch to any landscape—for a quick, easy, and reliable delivery experience, choose Greendell mulch delivery for the upcoming mulching season!

Why Dyed Mulch Is Key To A Stand-Out Landscape

Why Dyed Mulch Is Key To A Stand-Out Landscape

As peak mulching season approaches, having the right tools is crucial to making the most out of every project. When it comes time to start that first outdoor project of the year, consider ordering some of Greendell’s dyed mulch, perfect for elevating and extending the lifespan of any landscape design.

Greendell’s Dyed Mulch is Top Quality

Our dyed mulch is manufactured from a total tree blend and is treated with a non-toxic, vegetable-based dye—safe for people, plants, and pets. This unique treatment allows Greendell’s dyed mulch to maintain a long-lasting and healthy presence in all outdoor spaces.

Greendell’s dyed mulch is ground twice for medium texture that provides extended aesthetic and environmental value—ensuring a high-quality material that’s sure to yield stunning results for the next landscaping project!

Greendell’s Dyed Mulch Creates Long-Lasting Landscapes

Not only do weeds and overgrown vegetation detract from the visual appeal of a landscape, but they can also deplete vital nutrients from the soil that should be nurturing the flowerbeds. Incorporating Greendell’s dyed mulch into garden spaces can prevent new weeds from growing and can even attack existing ones. Furthermore, its long-lasting color can help extend the lifespan of that freshly planted flowerbed and maintain its quality for a longer period of time—saving you the trouble of frequent mulch replacement!

Greendell’s dyed mulch is also slow to decompose, helps retain moisture in the soil, and can even protect plants in colder temperatures, which helps maintain a healthier outdoor space—even into the cold winter months.

How Much Dyed Mulch Do I Buy, and What are the Color Options?

Determining the correct amount of mulch to order can be difficult, especially without an expert’s help. That’s why Greendell offers customers a Bulk Mulch Calculator—an invaluable resource that provides the exact amount of mulch needed for any outdoor transformation. With Greendell’s Bulk Mulch Calculator, mulch delivery has never been easier. Simply type in the dimensions of the project, and the mulch calculator will do the rest!

To provide customers with customizations for their mulch design, our dyed mulch is available in two color options: dark brown mulch and black mulch—the perfect colors to make that newly built garden pop!

As peak mulch season approaches, consider ordering one of Greendell’s dyed mulch selections. Elevate the design of any outdoor space and take that first landscaping project of the season to the next level.

Why You Should Order Bulk Topsoil This Season

Why You Should Order Bulk Topsoil This Season

Beautiful landscaping starts with high-quality soil. It’s a crucial piece of the gardening and landscaping puzzle. But buying topsoil can be a frustrating process—from calculating the amount needed, to determining which type is best or how to haul it home, it’s tough without a little expert help.

Greendell Landscape Solutions makes buying bulk topsoil fast and simple, helping save time and money on any project.

Higher-Quality Topsoil

Topsoil is essential for providing vegetation with vital nutrients, helping retain moisture, and improving drainage. Long-term, using high-quality topsoil can ensure it doesn’t become compacted and can help prevent erosion.

To ensure Greendell’s topsoil is of the highest quality for our customers, we undergo a thorough testing process to guarantee our topsoil is healthy and does not contain any environmentally damaging ingredients that could potentially lead to landscape degradation.

Using topsoil ordered in bulk can also help provide better results than buying by the bag, as buying in bulk means there’s a chance to check the soil when it’s delivered, to make sure it’s free of loose materials, or even mold.

Cost of Bulk Topsoil

The cost of bulk topsoil can vary, but Greendell offers the highest-quality topsoil for less than individual bags, even for individual landscaping projects. Greendell’s bulk topsoil is available in amounts that are optimal for a typical yard or home garden, and that means paying bulk prices for even smaller, personal projects.

Buying in bulk also reduces the risk of overbuying, so money isn’t wasted on unused product.

Order Bulk Topsoil

It can be tricky to calculate the precise amount of topsoil needed for a specific project, especially with bagged soil.

Greendell Landscape makes ordering bulk topsoil simple. Use the convenient mulch and soil calculator to determine how much is necessary, place the order, and set the delivery date. It’s that simple. Save time and money and buy bulk mulch this spring at Greendell Landscape.

3 Reasons to Buy the Sunset Firepit Kit This Season

3 Reasons to Buy the Sunset Firepit Kit This Season

Looking for a way to enjoy the outdoors with friends and family this winter season? Unilock’s Sunset Firepit Kit could be the perfect solution. From simple installation to versatile style and design options, the Sunset Firepit Kit will fit seamlessly into any type of landscape—and is sure to make guests feel welcomed and cozy.

Variety in Design

The Sunset Firepit Kit is available in some of Greendell’s highest-quality materials and in a wide variety of color palates, including Coffee Creek, Granite, Sandstone, and Sierra. With simple, clean, and timeworn details, the Sunset Firepit Kit is an elegant and sophisticated must-have for backyard get-togethers—especially when the cooler temperatures start rolling in!

Year-Round Enjoyment

A beautiful firepit is much more than just a seasonal amenity to be enjoyed during mild spring or summer nights. Once the cold weather arrives, nothing compares to cozying up and enjoying the warmth and serenity of an outdoor firepit.

Whether it’s the middle of winter or a cool summer night, the Unilock Sunset Firepit Kit presents plenty of options for entertainment and fun around the fire. From whipping out some s’mores to creating a warm and cozy ambience, Unilock’s Sunset Firepit Kit is guaranteed to elevate your landscape experience.

Easy Installation

Unilock’s Sunset Firepit Kit is simple to order and is delivered with all the tools necessary to begin installation.

  • Three layers of units to compose firepit dimensions of 51.25” x 51.25” x 12”.
  • Two 10-ounce tubes of high-temperature adhesive that works in a traditional household caulk gun. Don’t have one? No problem—purchase one to be delivered with your order here!
  • One steel insert to guide the building process and protect your investment.

For a simple, step-by-step walk-through of the installation process, consult our user-friendly guide here.

The search for an ideal firepit ends here. With straightforward installation and effortless assembly, Unilock’s Sunset Firepit Kit adds an additional layer of beauty and a high-quality aesthetic to your landscape design.

Don’t forget to check out our robust selection of mulch products here to get a head start on the spring mulching season!