How Much Mulch Do I Need?

Adding mulch to a landscape is a simple, effective way to spruce things up without a making a complete overhaul—but figuring out how much mulch is needed for a specific project can feel overwhelming.

Figuring out the right amount of mulch for a project doesn’t have to end with multiple trips to the store and overspending on mulch that goes unused.

Utilizing the Greendell mulch calculator, any mulching job becomes a breeze—by customizing results to each project, based on project size, depth, and the desired aesthetic.

Why use mulch?

Mulch provides a wide range of benefits, like helping soil retain moisture, even in the coldest winter months, and preventing weeds from sprouting up around landscaping. It can be found in a wide array of colors and materials, including plastic, rubber, and wood.

Once the type of mulch is chosen, it’s time to calculate the amount of mulch needed.

How many bags of mulch in a yard?

Greendell+Musselman’s bulk mulch is available by the cubic yard. One cubic yard of mulch is equal to 27 feet—so, a space 30 feet in length, 20 feet in width, and three inches deep would require six cubic yards of mulch.

But figuring out that calculation for any unique space is simple, thanks to the Greendell mulch calculator. Just enter the dimensions where mulch will be spread, and the mulch calculator helps calculate the precise amount necessary for any project—large or small.

For most projects, two-to-three inches of mulch is ideal, to help protect the soil underneath from freezing in the winter or getting too hot in the summer months—helping plants grow back richer and healthier each season.

Start Mulching

Mulch is an affordable way to easily spruce up any landscape and provides long-term protection from the elements and invasive weeds. Greendell makes getting started simple—providing the right tools and expertise for any project.

Ready to begin your next mulching project? We can help!