Why Dyed Mulch Is Key To A Stand-Out Landscape

As peak mulching season approaches, having the right tools is crucial to making the most out of every project. When it comes time to start that first outdoor project of the year, consider ordering some of Greendell’s dyed mulch, perfect for elevating and extending the lifespan of any landscape design.

Greendell’s Dyed Mulch is Top Quality

Our dyed mulch is manufactured from a total tree blend and is treated with a non-toxic, vegetable-based dye—safe for people, plants, and pets. This unique treatment allows Greendell’s dyed mulch to maintain a long-lasting and healthy presence in all outdoor spaces.

Greendell’s dyed mulch is ground twice for medium texture that provides extended aesthetic and environmental value—ensuring a high-quality material that’s sure to yield stunning results for the next landscaping project!

Greendell’s Dyed Mulch Creates Long-Lasting Landscapes

Not only do weeds and overgrown vegetation detract from the visual appeal of a landscape, but they can also deplete vital nutrients from the soil that should be nurturing the flowerbeds. Incorporating Greendell’s dyed mulch into garden spaces can prevent new weeds from growing and can even attack existing ones. Furthermore, its long-lasting color can help extend the lifespan of that freshly planted flowerbed and maintain its quality for a longer period of time—saving you the trouble of frequent mulch replacement!

Greendell’s dyed mulch is also slow to decompose, helps retain moisture in the soil, and can even protect plants in colder temperatures, which helps maintain a healthier outdoor space—even into the cold winter months.

How Much Dyed Mulch Do I Buy, and What are the Color Options?

Determining the correct amount of mulch to order can be difficult, especially without an expert’s help. That’s why Greendell offers customers a Bulk Mulch Calculator—an invaluable resource that provides the exact amount of mulch needed for any outdoor transformation. With Greendell’s Bulk Mulch Calculator, mulch delivery has never been easier. Simply type in the dimensions of the project, and the mulch calculator will do the rest!

To provide customers with customizations for their mulch design, our dyed mulch is available in two color options: dark brown mulch and black mulch—the perfect colors to make that newly built garden pop!

As peak mulch season approaches, consider ordering one of Greendell’s dyed mulch selections. Elevate the design of any outdoor space and take that first landscaping project of the season to the next level.