Planting For Winter Interest

Everyone wants an impressive landscape, no matter the season. However, during winter, most people feel as though their landscape becomes dull and boring. Whether you are a seasoned gardener of it’s your first winter with a yard, these winter landscaping ideas will help you make your space beautiful all year round.

Focus on plants with winter fruit

Some winter landscaping plants produce attractive fruits that can brighten your landscape. Plants like hollyberry bushes produce bright red berries that hold onto the trees even in winter. These shrubs can survive extreme weather conditions while still managing to keep your landscape beautiful.

Incorporate needled evergreens

Needled evergreens can add both color and texture to your landscape during winter. Their blue, yellow, or green needles add more appeal and interest to your landscape. An example of a needled evergreen is the Eastern White Pine with beautiful green needles that can make a big statement in a drab winter landscape.

Add Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental grasses are another valuable addition to your winter landscape. When planted close to evergreens, they add some nice contrast to a uniform landscape. The sound of tall grasses rustling in the winter breeze can add some interest to a quiet landscape. You can often find ornamental grasses on sale in the fall and have them planted just in time for the winter season.

Consult a professional

An exciting winter landscape design requires the knowledge and skills of a professional who knows everything about winter landscape plants and their placement. Whether you are a professional landscaper or just looking to improve your home’s landscape, we can help!