Western Red Cedar Mulch Ideas

Mulch is any material used to cover the surface of the soil. Mulching can help to conserve soil moisture, reduce soil erosion, suppress weed growth, and boost nutrients, making it crucial to a thriving garden. While there are various mulching options – wood is one of the most common options, with Western Red Cedar wood being one of the most popular types of wood for mulching.

Western Red Cedar mulch is made from wood from the bark of the Western Red Cedar tree (Thuja plicata). Typically, it’s usually available in chips or shreds. Western Red Cedar mulch has an aromatic smell, and it’s great at repelling insects. It also lasts longer than other mulches, making it a preferred mulching option among professional landscapers and landscaping enthusiasts. If you’re looking to improve your garden using mulch, here are some great Western Red Cedar mulch landscaping ideas:

Create an Inexpensive Drainage Solution

If your yard is susceptible to water puddling when it rains heavily, western red cedar mulch can be a cost-effective way to resolve the problem. Add mulch chips to the pathways where water often puddles. The mulch chips will absorb the water and improve drainage.

Complete a Rustic Look

Western Red Cedar mulch can make the perfect companion if you have a wood cabin. Add the mulch to flowering plants around the cabin to enhance the cabin’s woody look. And if there’s a stone walkway leading up to the cabin, add some mulch to the side of the walkway to create the perfect rustic look.

Spruce up a Pathway

A pathway with stepping stones made from natural rocks may appear pretty ordinary. But, adding Western Red Cedar Mulch to it can make it appear more attractive. If you have a pathway that consists entirely of naturally cut rocks, add some Western Red Cedar mulch chips to accentuate it.

Create a Garden Bed Around Your Mailbox

Your mailbox probably isn’t the most noticeable thing in your yard. But planting some flowers around it can make it more prominent. Plant some evergreen flowers next to it so that you don’t have to worry about maintenance. Then create a simple border around the mailbox using Western Red Cedar mulch.

Combine Rocks with Red Cedar Mulch

Surrounding Western Red Cedar mulch with a rock border can make your front yard look attractive and neat. It can also make plant maintenance easier because the mulch will enrich the soil, reduce evaporation and prevent weed growth.

Create a Gradient

Create transitions from one part of your yard to the next to make your yard look attractive. To create a gradient pattern, first, create a section with grass. Afterward, add a section with the Western Red Cedar mulch and then one with rocks just before the concrete. Creating a gradient using mulch is an excellent way to make the different areas in your yard stand out while also enriching the soil.

Mulching Western Red Cedar can help to promote plant growth while making your yard look attractive. Use these landscaping ideas to spruce up your landscape using mulch.